Social Media

Word of Mouth advertising has always been the cornerstone to building a successful business. Nothing is more powerful than a personal referral from a satisfied customer. With the introduction of social networking sites and communities like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and professional networking sites like LinkedIn and Plaxo, word of mouth advertising has taken on a whole new look and is more powerful than ever. In fact, you could say that word of mouth has been amplified! It’s much louder and can reach significantly more people than traditional word of mouth ever could.

An Infinite Group of Connections
There are currently over 350 million Facebook users sharing over 2 million pieces of information each day and over 200 million bloggers posting content daily. Whether we’re sharing news, gossip, tips or videos, both positive and negative messages can spread like wildfire. With this immense amount of information circulating within a seemingly infinite group of inter-connected users, harnessing this power can catapult your business to a new level.

Stay Connected and Build Loyalty
Social Media Optimization allows you to spread your word of mouth loudly throughout an unlimited viral network and generate interest in your otherwise little-known product, brand or service. It allows you to stay connected and build loyalty with existing and previous customers while generating excitement and buzz with second-level friends and followers.

A Powerful Marketing Message
Your customers hold the keys to building your business. If customers are satisfied with your product or service, they will tell their friends and followers about their experience in an unbiased way, via these social media outlets. Social Media participation and optimization is important for every type of business. Even if you have great “word of mouth’ and “referrals” now, social networking can positively impact your bottom line. Consider your business too conservative or “old school”? A social networking program professionally administered and strategically controlled by a leading internet marketing company can increase the bandwidth of your reputation and message. Effective social networking is the most powerful, authentic marketing message a business could generate.

Create Buzz like a Fortune 500 brand
Think about it – when a major Fortune 500 brand like Ford or Lexus introduces a new car or truck, they begin their product launch virally, thru the use of social networking sites. This allows them to create a buzz and get people excited about the upcoming product. President Barack Obama utilized the power of social networking by creating intense buzz through millions of followers during his Presidential campaign. GlobalEdge Media can develop a powerful social media networking campaign for your business as well.

GlobalEdge Media is a social media marketing and optimization (SMO) company that helps businesses of all sizes with their ongoing social media networking needs.

Some of the customized social media marketing services that we offer include:

  • Social Networking Profile Selection and Development
  • Online Reputation Management and Improvement
  • Online Brand Loyalty Programs
  • Online Viral Video Promotional Campaigns
  • Blog Comment and Outreach Campaigns

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