Pay Per Click Works!
Building and managing an effective Pay Per Click (PPC) online advertising campaign takes time and expertise. So much time, that most business owners find it frustrating and exhausting and abandon it within 3-4 months of getting it started. This is a fact – Google it! Unfortunately, those business owners then feel that Pay Per Click “didn’t work” because they “didn’t see any results” and “wasted a lot of money”. They have a bad taste in their mouth about PPC as an online advertising option. The reality is that Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can be extremely effective and bring a tremendous return on investment to any business when the campaign is set up and managed properly, by a trained internet advertising professional.

Want to Control Your Online Advertising?
The advantage of pay per click advertising that business owners don’t generally realize is that it’s controllable. Search engine optimization is uncontrollable, since it is basically at the mercy of search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing and their unique ranking algorithms. With SEO, you may rank on page 1 of Google for a specific keyword today and on page 5 for that same keyword tomorrow due to an overnight change in the Google algorithm. In fact, Google changed their algorithms 450 times in 2008 alone, that’s more than once per day! PPC is an advertising strategy that is 100% controllable by the business owner. Your ad can be shown for whatever keywords you want to, roughly in the position or range of positions that you want to, in the timeframe you want to, in the geographic area you chose. Each of these factors is controllable by you, the business owner. Of course, managing all these factors effectively each day for every PPC campaign takes many, many hours of time, research, auditing and optimizing. Trusting trained PPC professionals like GlobalEdge Media will save you time and money while providing exceptional results.

The Budget Formula is Critical to Campaign Success
In addition, most business owners don’t allocate enough budget monthly to their Pay Per Click campaigns. This is a significant reason why many PPC campaigns fail, because they are simply underfunded. There is a specific formula that must be utilized to determine the right budget for your PPC campaign, which most business owners are unaware of and therefore, don’t allocate enough money to establish an online presence on the first page of search results. Blind budgeting is certain to result in poor campaign results. Of course, spending too much money on a PPC budget can also be detrimental, both to the effectiveness of the PPC campaign and your budget. Contact GlobalEdge Media for a personalized PPC campaign proposal and the right budget estimate for success. The GlobalEdge Media team will work closely with you to assess your needs and business targets and structure a campaign based solely on facts and research, with the appropriate budget to achieve your goals.

Exceptional PPC Results
Trust GlobalEdge Media to provide your business with exceptional pay per click campaign results. Our team of internet marketing experts will design, build and manage a powerful PPC campaign that will drive highly-targeted and qualified traffic and leads to your website, track results and conversions and provide you with fully detailed reports. We don’t only focus on the obvious, highly-trafficked keywords that all your competitors are buying like most Pay Per Click companies do. These keywords are expensive, because there is so much competition, all buying the same keyword, and high-ranking page position can be costly. GlobalEdge Media identifies the not-so obvious and long-tail keywords that can generate a click and lead from a potential customer who is in need of your product or service and are ready to buy. Our PPC campaigns will change your mind about the power of pay per click forever!

We Have the Experience You Deserve
Our team has the highest level of internet industry knowledge and expertise your business deserves. We maintain certifications for all major search engine platforms including Google AdWords, and Microsoft Ad Excellence. We spend time personally monitoring and managing your Pay Per Click campaign each day, to ensure optimum efficiency and results. GlobalEdge Media….We Get You Up There!

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