Display Advertising

GlobalEdge Media is a display banner advertising company that will help you make a bold impact across the internet. Banner advertising is extremely cost effective, often as low as $8-10 cost per thousand impressions, making the overall ROI for this aspect of your online marketing strategy very strong.

Targeted Impressions are the key to success
Banner advertising campaigns focus on impressions, not clicks. Ever wonder why you see the display banner ads that you do when surfing the web? The ads you see were shown to you with purposeful intent, targeting you because of your unique web surfing patterns and specific sites you have visited. We target your potential customer group, right in your specific geographic market area, with this same purposeful intent. For example, if you want to get customers in and around the area of Tampa, internet marketing specialists from the GlobalEdge Media team will design your business banner ads to target this specific market. We focus on impressions with the highest likelihood of conversion for your business.

In the same manner, if you’re growing and have decided to aim for customers outside of Tampa, internet marketing experts from GlobalEdge Media will be ready to help you out as well. If your business is looking to launch a mass-network branding campaign with immense volumes of less-targeted impressions, we can do that too, with our global network partnerships.

So, whether you do business far and wide or only in Tampa, Internet marketing experts from GlobalEdge Media will create banner ads that automatically search out and target potential customers for you.

Build Brand Awareness With Display Banner Ads
Banner advertising helps boost your business by building awareness and interest in your business or brand, while focusing on your unique message. GlobalEdge Media has professional consultants who will identify optimum publishers and channels for your display banner ad message in order to achieve maximum reach and channel effectiveness. We will help you create a dynamic display message that will make a bold impact and take your message to the next level. In addition, Tampa internet marketing specialists from GlobalEdge Mediaprovide comprehensive reporting, providing complete transparency into your display ad campaigns, including number of impressions and clicks.

The Power of Retargeting – Bringing Potential Customers Back to your Site
Wouldn’t it be great if you could stay in front of all the potential customers that have visited your website but didn’t pick up the phone to call you to do business with you at that very moment in time? It would be like putting a billboard in the driveway of every person that expressed interest in your business by going to your website! These prospects have a very high potential to convert to customers and would see you every day as they walked out their front door. Behavioral Remarketing is that billboard – a display banner ad that is shown to people who have gone to your website – a constant reminder of your business. As prospects surf the web away from your site, they will see your display banner ads everywhere as they look at other websites, just like that billboard in their driveway!

Behavioral remarketing ads remind prospects that they were interested in you enough to visit your website and encourage them to come back and convert to customers. After all, your website is an investment of your time and money and should be used to generate leads and sales. Don’t let potential customers get away – keep your message in front of them with Display Banner Ads and Behavioral Remarketing and watch your conversions, sales and ROI increase!

Again, it doesn’t matter whether you are trying to reach a vast audience across the United States or just need to market (and remarket) to any area, including Tampa, internet marketing specialists from GlobalEdge Media will sit down with you, assess your needs, and create the banner ads that you need to get the job done.

Contact GlobalEdge Media for a free custom quote to dominate your market or call us anytime toll-free at 727-420-9876.