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More than 80% of the 30 million online searches that occur each day are for a local business. How many of these potential customers are you missing because they cannot find you online? Of course, they can find your website if they look for your business specifically by name, but that’s not how the majority of searches are done. Most searches are for products (appliances, carpet), services (dentist, personal injury attorney), problems (broken air conditioner, cracked tile) or the solution needed (unclog drain, lose weight). Consumers search online and expect to find a business in their local market area that can provide solutions for them. Most consumers don’t know who to call, are not familiar with your business name or maybe just cannot remember it, even if they were referred to you. Seeing your ad in the newspaper or on TV, among the thousands of messages seen each day, dilutes your message, making it difficult to remember you specifically. When a consumer is ready to buy, will they find you or one of your competitors? Through effective Tampa internet marketing, you can improve your chances of generating new clients and customers.

Internet marketing your business in Tampa, Miami, Atlanta, or your local market area, means being easily found when consumers are searching. Don’t you owe it to yourself to make it easy for potential customers to find your website and not your competitors? Search engine marketing is your key to success.

Consumers search online and buy offline.
We once looked for local businesses in the yellow pages. Over 30% of consumers now lookonline instead of in the yellow pages. Recent studies have shown that 86% of consumers who use Internet search engines like Google, Yahoo! or Bing to find a local product or service follow up with a phone call or in-store visit. And, 61% of those will make a purchase offline with that local business. Unlock the power of your website and get ranked where potential customers are looking when they search for your specific products and services. At GlobalEdge Media, We Get You Up There!

Turn Your Website Into A Sales Pro!
What kind of promotion do I get with GlobalEdge Media’s Tampa internet marketing program?

Tampa internet marketing company GlobalEdge Media’s internet marketing experts focus on bringing highly-targeted customers to your website. Our online marketing strategies, processes and technologies are superior and are designed to help businesses of all sizes and industries use their website as a powerful sales tool and lead generator.

Kick your website into overdrive with internet marketing. Tampa and beyond is waiting. Can they find you?

GlobalEdge Media Website Promotion services include:

A Wise Investment
Tampa Internet marketing company GlobalEdge Media offers full-scale Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services at prices that are affordable. Our clients quickly realize the value of our marketing services and consider them a critical part of their media mix, as well as a smart investment overall. Search Engine Marketing is a wise investment in one of your most valuable sales people – your website. Unlock the power of your website and watch it work for you in generating leads, sales and profits. Get ranked with GlobalEdge Media – We Get You Up There.

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