Customer Service & Sales Training

Embracing the opportunity to improve your employee’s level of customer service takes courage. It can be a difficult task to address sensitive issues like rudeness, apathy or poor sales performance with employees. However, poor customer service and inept sales people can cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost sales each year. A 2009 study, “The Cost of Poor Customer Service: The Economic Impact of the Customer Experience and Engagement,” found that poor customer service cost an aggregate of $338.5 billion per year across the countries surveyed. In addition, poor customer service ultimately leads to dissatisfied employees, turnover, downtime and excessive costs for your business.

Ignite Your Profits
Customer service can make or break a business. Smart business owners invest in improvement programs and monitor employee activity closely. Employees at each customer touch point must be well trained and passionate about providing exceptional customer service, and ultimately, helping move them through the sales process smoothly, with a positive attitude. Every lead is important, every customer is valuable.

Comprehensive Customer Service Training Programs
GlobalEdge Media provides comprehensive customer service training programs which bring out the best in your employees and build a solid foundation for them to work successfully as a team to help meet your business goals. Our programs unveil proven techniques your employees can immediately implement for success, including rapport and relationship building, understanding core business values and goals, building foundational customer loyalty, maximizing sales opportunities, turning problem customers into best customers as well as other world-class customer service tips, techniques and strategies.

Powerful Sales Training Programs
If you want to close more sales, GlobalEdge Media can help ignite your profits with our powerful sales training programs. Backed by decades of unparalleled sales training and executive leadership experience with Fortune 500 companies, our sales training professionals will turn your team into superstars that will make a long-term positive impact on your bottom line. Investing in sales training will ensure a high-performance team, increased sales, decreased turnover and a stronger business overall.

Ignite your profits with our powerful training programs. Contact the GlobalEdge Media training professionals toll free at 727-420-9876 for a personalized evaluation.