What is SEO?
SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is the method of increasing the volume of traffic, or clicks, to a website via placement found in the organic or natural search engine results. These placements are free, or non-charged placements, as they are determined solely by the algorithms employed by the search engines themselves. Algorithms are comprised of 100’s of factors, which are constantly changing and highly proprietary to the search engines.

Optimizing your website focuses on specific ways that potential customers search for your business using keywords, link building, and editing content and code to increase relevance. The more relevant a website appears for specific keywords, the more friendly and attractive the site becomes to the search engine indexing robots or crawlers. The more relevant the “bots” find a website, the higher the PageRank.

Is SEO important?
Absolutely! SEO is part of your total media mix! It is safe to say that the higher a website ranks or places on the page, the more traffic or clicks it will receive, as it is being viewed more than a lower page ranking website. Most people only look at the first page or two of the returned search results and will make their buying decision there, without going to any additional pages farther back. If they cannot find what they’re looking for, they will change their search term or keywords or be more specific in hopes of finding a more relevant result.

A website is only effective if the people you are trying to sell your products or services to can find it without looking for your business name specifically. Most consumers don’t know who to look for or remember your business name for that matter, they simply search for the problem they have or the solution they need, such as “plumber” or “fix drain clog” and expect the search engines will show them results for local plumbing companies. If your website is not displayed to that consumer when they are in need of your service, your website never gets the click or opportunity to talk to that potential customer and sell your service.

If I’m on the first page, will it guarantee that I get clicked on?
No, there are no guarantees that you will be clicked on. However, we do know that over 80% of people only look at the first page or two when considering a local business, so you’ll have a better shot than one of your competitors who is on page 70 or not ranked for that keyword at all. GlobalEdge Media works to get you ranked, while ensuring your keywords are relevant and your message is compelling.

If I get the click, am I guaranteed to get a new customer?
No, again, there are no guarantees on getting the click or ultimately, a new customer. However, the GlobalEdge Media team monitors your clicks and analyzes all data to ensure your website traffic increases with high quality, targeted clicks. In addition, as part of our initial launch, we thoroughly analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of your website to ensure it is conversion-friendly.

The effectiveness of your website is the first step is getting your website ranked within the top pages. Your website must be relevant, compelling and have a call to action to entice potential customers to reach out to your business in some way – either by a phone call, email or form submittal asking for more information. Of course, the phone call is the strongest and brings you as close to closing that customer as possible. GlobalEdge Media can help you bridge the gap between getting the click and phone call and securing the sale with that new customer, through our uber-effective customer service and sales training programs. These programs train your staff to not only address those phone calls effectively, but move them passionately thru the sales process so no click is lost to a competitor.

When will I see results from my SEO program?
It’s possible that you will see your page rank move up significantly within the first several weeks, however, that is generally not the case. Page position improvement is based on when the search engine bots or crawlers index your page. The timing of the search engine crawler is the issue here, which is both unpredictable and uncontrollable. Google or Yahoo! may crawl and index your home page within 2-3 weeks, however, the site interior pages may take another 6-8 weeks to be indexed. Overall, the SEO optimization process of achieving higher placement and ranking on the page is a gradual and ongoing process that requires patience and committment. Remember the search engines are in control, so the process waits for them.

There are so many internet marketing choices – SEO, PPC, Banner Ads, Social Media – which one is most effective?
They are all effective! Each individual internet strategy is effective in achieving a goal, but when they are combined as a complete internet media mix, the synergy of each strategy becomes even more effective. Think of it as a media mix, just as you would your traditional media mix of newspaper, direct mail, TV, yellow pages, etc. The more components you add, the stronger your overall results. In fact, your internet media strategy should work hand-in-hand with your traditional media strategy to increase the synergy of your advertising overall. It’s all about getting up there, being seen and effectively building your brand.

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