How many potential customers are you missing every day?

Internet marketing brings potential customers to you

Over 100 billion searches happen every single month, tens of thousands looking for exactly what you do, right in your own backyard - your local market area. Whether you're an attorney in Chicago, a dentist in Dallas or an exclusive resort and spa in Miami Beach, or a plastic surgeon in Tampa, SEO is the key to marketing your company's products and services. Millions of online searches are happening by the minute. Are your potential customers finding YOU?

It's been proven that consumers are not using the yellow pages as much as they used to. Consumers now use search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing to find local businesses. Need a plumber? “Google it”. Looking for an attorney? “Google it”. Tampa SEO has made looking on the internet for things that you need considerably easier by putting the most relevant responses to your search querry on the first page of search engine results. 80% of people never look beyond the first page…where do you rank? If you’re not on the first page, you’re just not in the game to get that potential new customer. You need the professional services of a reputable Tampa SEO company like GlobalEdge Media.

GlobalEdge Media is one of Tampa Bay's leading internet marketing companies, specializing in getting your business ranked on the first page of Google search engine results, where potential customers are looking. We are a full-service Tampa SEO company and internet marketing agency, providing:

In addition, we offer complete media consulting services to ensure your traditional and online media mix is relevant, efficient and has the synergy to produce a strong ROI. If you're on a quest to find the right SEM/SEO company, Tampa-based GlobalEdge Media is the partner you've been searching for. We serve local, regional and national clients in all areas across the U.S.

Our website promotion strategies help you gain a strategic edge over your competitors. We work to make your conversion rate for every keyword and every click as high as possible. Our results are impressive and measurable. Imagine how profitable you will be when you get ranked on the first page of Google for your most relevant keywords! Increased traffic to your website means more opportunity for new leads, customers and ultimately, profits. 

Don’t wait … Get found online today!

Contact a GlobalEdge Media Search Engine Marketing professional for customized online marketing solutions designed to fit your business needs. Call us toll-free at 727-420-9876. 


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